The Strongest – Blooming / Primera Division - Bolivia / 22.11.2020 / Match prediction

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The Strongest Postponed Blooming

* Collective voting — The collective forecast is a collective vote in which football experts vote for: the result of the match, double chance, the match total, the exact score, etc.

** Mathematical prediction — A mathematical prediction is a mathematical calculation that is performed by football experts using a specific formula based on detailed statistics, for example, goals scored, goals conceded, pass accuracy, ball possession, cards, etc.

*** Analytical data — An analytical forecast is a logical analysis, football experts make a forecast based on facts, for example, the stadium of the match, the motivation of the teams, the composition of the teams, the formations of the teams, the injuries of players, the weather, etc.

**** Bookmaker analysis — Bookmaker analysis is a bookmaker calculation that is performed by bookmakers based on bookmaker matches.

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